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Gary has been active in the arts and cultural community throughout Saskatchewan and across Western Canada.  His experience with music festivals includes the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Ness Creek Music Festival, the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, the Canmore Folk Festival and a 14 year stint with the Regina Folk Festival.  He has also photographed theatre productions and dance, for publication, archival documentation and artists' portfolios, for a wide range of clients.
Scott Triffo at Ness Creek David Essig at the REgina Folk Festival
Scott Triffo / Ness Creek Music Festival David Essig /Regina Folk Festival
Buffy Ste. Marie at the Regina Folk Festival Dick Braidek from Big River, Saskatchewan Janet Stoody at the Ness Creek Festival
Buffy Ste. Marie
Regina Folk Festival
Dick Braidek
Regina Folk Festival
Janet Stoody
Ness Creek Music Festival

Arlo Guthrie at the Canmore Folk Festival Buskers on the street at Regina's Cathedral Village Arts Festival
Arlo Guthrie / Canmore Folk Festival Buskers / Cathedral Village Arts Festival
The Hoodoo Men Valdy at the Regina Folk Festival
Hoodoo Men / Regina Folk Festival Valdy / Regina Folk Festival

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