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On the Road in Cuba

©2005 Gary Robins "La musica cubana"
©2005 Gary Robins
©2005 Gary Robins "Celebrations for Jose Marti"
©2005 Gary Robins "Fruit stand in Trinidad"
©2005 Gary Robins
Cuba's a pretty interesting country, a warm respite from Canadian winters, a great place for music, a unique culture and society, and a nation with an uncertain future. That much we all know. It's also a safe country, a place where we encountered the most considerate, respectful and friendly people you could find anywhere. They're also very passionate about baseball there... and the quality of play is world-class.

Carol and I spent four weeks there this winter, mid-January to mid-February. It was my second trip to the island, Carol's third. There are changes going on in Cuba, more goods on the shelves, lots of fresh organic produce, it's all quite comfortable and engaging.

Well, okay then. Let's go to Cuba